Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Everything Hurts!!!

I am just way too out of shape right now. I just put in a days work that would have had me nary breaking a sweat four or five years ago - only not only did I break a sweat, I am hurting - everywhere...

On the up side, I got a lot done and made sure that the pole barn shop I am getting prepped to side will be sound. The guy who originally built it put in a single 2x12 for a header over the sixteen foot garage door. Apparently he felt that because he was putting another 2x12 on the inside of the posts, everything would be fine. And it actually would have been, had he connected outside 2x12 with the one on the inside. So we were able to take about two inch sag out of the opening. To do so, we had to fur out the rest of the wall - at this point, if anyone runs into the wall (it's a mechanic's shop) it won't be a problem. Likewise, if there is a massive earthquake, that wall will still be standing...

Did I mention I'm really sore? Like everydamnedthing hurts?

Oh well, tomorrow should be...even worse. Because tomorrow, we have to build and set the gable end overhang ladders. But it will all be downhill from there - mostly I'll just be doing the light duty, more skilled aspects of getting this job done.

I forgot to mention the insulation in the walls and ceiling. It was the best of both worlds. I am mildly allergic to the fiberglass in the walls and the ceiling is covered with celulose - and me also mildly allergic to formaldehyde.

And did I mention I'm sore? I need some damned icecream!!!


Toaster Sunshine said...

Let me get this right, he had a weight-bearing 2x12ft trying to hold up the top of a 16ft opening without anchoring it, essentially rendering it a floating beam?

How the hell what that shit logical!?

DuWayne Brayton said...

Actually it's the gable end, so the weight distro doesn't qualify as load bearing. All it really holds now, is some vertical gable supports, the garage door and it's own weight.

And the 2x12 extends past the beam and is nailed to it, then there is another nailed to the inside. If he had run 2x4 blocks along the inside and run 2x4s along the length of the top and bottom - essentially turning it into an O beam with blocks - it would have been fine (2x6 posts, 2x4s would be on edge). But without the 2x12s being fastened together somehow, it just isn't a solid header.

If it were load bearing, that would not work - then you would want to cut the posts off and set a "real" header on top of them. And for a sixteen foot opening, I would want to use a 4x16 engineered beam.