Sunday, May 17, 2009

Criminal Stupidity

I really despise incompetent morons who decide to charge people money to fuck up their homes. Every time I turn around and look at the shit the criminally, pathologically stupid son of a bitch who worked on my parent's home did, I get more and more angry.

But the stupidity on their roof really takes the trophy for ridiculously fucking stupid. What he did around their chimney is so egregiously incompetent, that I doubt anyone reading this blog would think that it would actually shed water. I am quite confident that any one of you would have managed a far better job of it - I don't care if you're blind and missing one arm - you simply could not screw it up as bad as this idiot did.

This is a level of stupid that should land people in jail.


Jason Thibeault said...

Up here in Canuckistan we have a guy by the name of Mike Holmes, a contractor that has his own show (Holmes On Homes) wherein he exposes slipshod building workmanship, and rebuilds the house at a much cheaper rate than you'd get otherwise -- the fact that you're signing over rights to your house to a TV show subsidizes the contract somewhat. Tough to get onto his list though, apparently. The work that comes out of it is amazing, the criminal injustices righted, and the professional nature of the work is pretty inspiring to a budding do-it-yourselfer like me. I only wish you had a guy like him around there. Oftentimes he even testifies in court against the shysters after the fact.

DuWayne Brayton said...

I actually testified once. More often I have been instrumental in getting the people who fucked my clients to pay part of my bill for taking care of the shit they fucked up.

I have also gotten companies to refund part or all of the charges to my clients when they took advantage of them and did work before the client was sure they even wanted it done (I worked for a lot of elderly folks).

My parents roof was actually a pretty easy fix, but my knees really hate it when I get on fucking roofs. I roofed for almost six years and it was hell on my knees. But I got the problem taken care of - there is a post in the works that will be more specific.

Suffice to say (and I say this, having been this sort of handyman - one who wouldn't try to do work I couldn't handle) that I highly recommend against hiring handymen to do more than small repairs and never to do roof repairs - unless you know damn well they know what the fuck they're doing.

Juniper Shoemaker said...

At least your voice mail was hilarious.