Thursday, February 8, 2007

Good news Bad news

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The good news is, that we got a call from the doctor and the preliminary results from the amniotic test came back looking very good. It is highly unlikely that our baby will have down syndrome.

The bad news is, that due to funds not coming through yet, we are facing homelessness if we do not come up with $750 by midnight Saturday. Still could use some prayers, from those who do that.

Update -
I'm about half way there. Still panicking, but at the same time sure it will work out.

This is about the worse thing about parenting. Especially when one lives on the edge. The fear of not being able to provide the basic necessities is absolutely horrifying.

Update 2 -

WE GOT IT ALL!!! Not only did we get it, but I am not in debt for much in the way of cash. Some of it I will have to work off. Some of it was given to me by someone that I did some work for, for free, because they really needed it done but couldn't pay for it at the time. They could afford to help at the moment and were willing to do so. I also managed to sell a roofing nailer. I can't use it any more, since my balance went due to an inner ear injury. I am unable to climb ladders, much less roof. I sold it to the person that sold it to me, for what I paid for it.

We are not entirely out of hot water, but we will not be homeless. I still have to come up with $210 in late fees, from this months and last, but our landlord can't evict us for those and has agreed not to report it to the credit agencies for another sixty days. We also have to pay our electric soon to avoid shutoff, but I should have that without too much difficulty. Things are moving forward with my new career as a songwriter and I am also expecting resolution to my workman's comp claim for the injury to my ear, before too long. That will be covering the cost of getting me back into school and help defray our expenses. I have a little longer to go before everything comes together, but I am feeling much more confident that it will.