Wednesday, May 27, 2009

If you gotta Godwin: A rule for Anti-vax loons and other Denialists

Orac is getting rather bored with the damned Hitler references already. Now I can't say that my new rule - more a suggestion really, will get you much further than calling anyone Hitler will. But lets try to get creative about it, 'k? In the spirit of turning over new leaves, of entering exciting new realms of hyperbole, I thought I would help you folks out. Lets stop being so generic. Hitler is so very early millennium - socialism is the new fascism.

Keep in mind though, many of these will easily apply to those of us loons who are rather more keen on evidence than hysteria. And they needn't be restricted to vaccine denialists either. These work just as well for cancer denialists, HIV/AIDS denialists, even psychiatry denialists. I am pretty sure the more creative among you - and there is a lot of creativity amongst the denialists - can even work it for 9/11 denialism and other non-medical woo.

1) Chairman Orac and his merry band of Maoist poison peddlers!!1!11!! (or Chairman Tara and her...)

2) Pal Pot, the anti-smoking mass murderer and pharma shill!!!11! (sorry, but I don't think that one really works for anyone else)

3) McCarthy Hoofnagle thought crime investigator!!!11!!

4) Mike the murdering Bolshevic!!1!11!!!

5) PZ Stalin - Christian baby eating Cthulu worshiper!!1!!!1!

6) Ed Satan and his dispatches from hell!!1!11!!

7) Osama Greg Laden - Islamosocialist terrorist!!1!!111

8) DrugCaligula evile cloner of human/lab animal hybrids!!1!!11!!

9) Bad Ass Cylon destroying the human race!!!1!!1!11!! (stolen from the Science Pundit)

10) Jason Chavez, totalitarian commie gun thief!!!11!!1!!!

11) Imelda Podblack, laughing in her million dollar wardrobe, while poor babies are injected with toxic sludge!!!11!!!!1! (Mike Haubrich, FCD)

12) Dave and Greta Mussolini, with their propaganda rag, the Communist Daily!!1!!11!!! (Lousy Damned Canuck)

13) Jamestiltskin on his Island of the Damned, dragging down teh human race one royal firstborn at a time!!1!11!!!1 (Stolen from that Damned Canuck)

14) Stephanie Genghis Zkhan, barbarian warlord, murderer of peasants and pusher of wordiness!!1!!!!1!! (Osama)

15) Mike Jong-Il, repressive socialist sociopath, who probably hangs people who aren't "rational"!!!11!1!!!!!

16) Greta M Hari, flaunting evidence, sexuality and erototoxins - she's into that toxic sludge marinading too!!!1!!111!!!

17) Lucretia Sci Borgia, the treacherous temptress of science, injecting the poison directly into your BRAIN!!!11!1!!

18) Ben Goldtorquemada, turning the tables on the inquisition!!!11!111!! (David D.G.)

Come on, lets make this list longer, so we can provide an exhaustive reference for those times when irrational arguments are wearing thin and only a Godwin will do!!! Help a loon out - or if you are a loon - get creative!!!

And if someone calls you Hitler, you can send them this way!!!11!!!1!!


Becca said...

wait you mean PZ isn't a Christian baby eating Cthulu worshiper?
I feel so disappointed.

DuWayne Brayton said...

No, no, NO!!! Of course PZ is a Christian baby eating Cthulu worshiper!!! There is some truth on the list. Like Ed - Ed's my brother, but that only means that I know the truth - he really is Satan...At least I used to be fairly sure he is...

The Science Pundit said...

One of my favorites is as Bad As Stalin Was.

Yes that's lame, but it did pop into my head right away. :-)

Jason Thibeault said...

So go big or go home, in other words? Why argue when you can fail at Godwin's Law and its new non-Hitler-related Brayton's Corollary right off the bat!

I guess I know I'll never really have arrived on the blogosphere until someone's called me a really awesome name. The best I have is The Real Meme calling me a fauxminist fauxleft. :(

Anyone call you anything particularly interesting yet?

DuWayne Brayton said...

Science Pundit -

I hope you don't mind, but I changed it a bit - I really, really wanted to use Cylon...And it fit!!!

DuWayne Brayton said...

Jason -

For you, I will try to think of something - something CANADIAN!!! Maybe Jason Dion!!! (if I can figure something, it will be better than that, scary as that is)

I have been accused of being a raging fucking fascist gun nut. Was once (rather creatively) called a wannabe Hugo Chavez - which, given my feelings about Chavez is rather ironic. Been accused of being a terrorist lover - which given my attitude about terrorists, is again, ironic. And often while discussing the same issue, different forum, that sees me accused of being a fascist gun nut, I am accused of being a commie out to steal everyone's guns...


Glendon Mellow said...

Ed Satan -er, Brayton would look great with a pointy goatee and big twirly Dali-esque moustache.

Jason Thibeault said...

Let's not forget Dave and Greta Mussolini over at Communist Daily.

Or James Buyadamnvowel at Island of Damnation, where he will lead all us heathens to the pits of Hell for daring to suggest we men could fuck up what God wrought.

Mike Haubrich, FCD said...

I think that the anti-vaxxers, charlatans and denialists of all stripes should be terrified of Imelda Podblack .Why can't she just leave them to fleece the public in peace?

DuWayne Brayton said...

Keep the suggestions coming... I will post them as soon as I get a chance.

Podblack said...

"Imelda Podblack"?

But I only wear high-heels for dance class... and only have two pairs at that.

Oh, there are the very, very spankalicious boots I'll be wearing this weekend for the Young Australian Skeptics talks. Must mention those. Meow. ;)

gregladen said...

Stephanie Genghis Zkvan?

eddie said...

Is Norm Goering too old skool?

Anonymous said...

Ben Goldtorquemada --- simply because he is so inquisitive.

~David D.G.

DuWayne Brayton said...

Gotcha Dave. But unless I'm mistaken, you've made some pretty hardcore islamosatanistcthuluesquesocialist comments yourself - you need a blog man!!!