Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Brain Not on Drugs...(I'm in love with a geek)

Yesterday was a rough day on many levels, but also an awesome one.

My wake-up call either didn't come through or the ringer on the room phone is too weak. I woke up late, so eldest and I had to rush rather more than I was wanting to and it cut into the time I had, to meet with his therapist (all of which worked out fine). I was rather frazzled moments after getting up - not a good start.

But even as I realized we were late getting up, I noted there was a text on my phone (I couldn't actually see the time, because of my phone explaining this). I almost didn't even look at it, because I have never actually gotten a text since I changed to a local MI number. I am so glad that I did - simple as it was, it made my day much better and also made me realize something.

It was a "good luck" text from the women I have most definitely fallen in love with. Logistics of the relationship are complicated, but I just don't care. She is so perfect that I ache for her - with her flaws and neurosis and belief that she is any less sexy first thing in the morning...That text just made it impossible for me to question it, wonder at it, or avoid it. And even better, she didn't check her email all day, so she didn't see the email I sent her just before I headed out, before I called her last night to let her know I was home. I got to tell her, rather than having her find it in her email - but she also has it in email.

So onto the rest of yesterday - not depth on the overall sitution - some of which I will write about soon, some that I won't.

I didn't take much ritalin over the weekend. I took two half tabs a day, instead of three and a half, to four tabs, like I usually do.

After dropping eldest off at school and meeting with his therapist, touring the school, setting up a regular time to talk to the therapist and setting up a time to call his psychiatrist, I rushed back to the room and packed up stuff, emailed my love and tried to take care of eldest's mp3 player - add new music and get the old off, while saving some that he still wanted (which failed - I have to try to rescue what's on it and reformat). I then needed to stop back by his mom's and drop off his stuff.

I got everything packed up and picked up most of the colossal mess. Youngest managed to vomit on the spare blanket and there was also a cracker incident (not a desecration of the eucharist, they're not quite that heathen) which was spread across a fair amount of the floor. All in all, I felt it would be unreasonable not to leave a decent tip for housekeeping - but I only had four bucks and though the vomit situation probably warranted at least a twenty, ten was all I could afford. But to do even that, I needed to run to an ATM.

I got the tip taken care of and did one last sweep of the room - found a stash of jelly-beans and a couple of cars that had been squirreled away by youngest and threw them in with the rest of the boy's things and hit the road. This is where the absent minded baseline that is my brain comes into play.

I was nearly to KY, before I noticed that all the stuff I was supposed to drop off at their mom's, was still in the van. More than an hour on the road and I had to head back to drop it off.

Like I said, I'll have more to share later, but I really need to head for class. I just wanted to share my moron moment and, did I mention? I've totally fallen in love with the most wonderful, absolutely stupendously beautiful women in the world - and she's a total geek who strangely enough, loves me too. Just thought I would mention it again, in case I (or you) forgot...


Anonymous said...

how sweet :)
put a big smile on my face.

Juniper Shoemaker said...

"Strangely enough?" LOL! You always were hilarious; lately, I'm afraid it's the other way around. For starters, I never respond as promptly as I genuinely want to . . .

How very sweet you are. I'll return in a bit.