Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I got my E-Cigarette!!! - Calling For Smokers Ex and those who want to be be Ex...

Addendum - I am looking for contributors - I am setting up a quitters blog, see below. No longer considering it - doing it. Email me or leave a comment.

And it's up over here - please leave a comment there or email me if you are interested in contributing...

Just came in this afternoon, while I was at school and it rocks. It will take some getting used to, but I think this is definitely going to make a huge difference in my run to quit smoking.

And while I'm on the topic, a visit from one of my favorite commenters at Dispatches, Abby Normal, got me thinking. Abby posted a really kick-ass comment, describing his experience with quitting smoking. Would there be any interest from my ex-smoking readers, as well as those who are trying to or who are planning on quitting, in a blog project for you (and me) to post about our experience? I would love to throw up another blog around here and allow you all to post - with team posting privileges for those who want them.

I would also be really happy to add medical, sciencey types and addiction counselors to the mix, should they wish to contribute posts as well.

I think that this could be of immense benefit to all of us, especially those of us who are still smoking. If there is interest and it works out, I would love to add blogs for other addiction issues - or possibly a forum. Though if the latter was developed, it would require volunteers to moderate. And keep in mind that I really can't devote much time to making this go, which is partly why I would just prefer to give those who want it, team posting privileges. This would not be something to abuse and there would have to be some rules - number one being to keep it topical. But I think this could be pretty rocking big fun, as well as built in support for us quitters.

Please let me know what you think.

And actually, I should also note that though I've gotten out of the habit since I resurrected this blog, I am all about having guest posters. I will be somewhat selective about what I post and will admit that my reasons may be pretty arbitrary, but I am all about hearing from you, if you want to post. I do recommend that you ask me before you write the post, so you don't end up writing something that I don't really want - but I really do like the idea of getting some other voices up around here and outside of comments. Finally, please don't assume that because you disagree with me on something, that I won't be willing to post your views - there are some things that I just won't, but that is not a common restriction for me.


Juniper Shoemaker said...

Ack! Guest posting! You just painfully reminded me of a few things I forgot . . .

Best of luck kicking the habit! It sounds like you've got a good start. I was a smoker for, like, two years as an undergrad. Admittedly, I never liked it overly much, was never what one could call a heavy smoker and quit cold-turkey without looking back. My wallet and my lungs thanked me nonetheless.

P.S. A second blog?! You're crazy.

Anonymous said...

Bro, I believe you can do it. My friends did, my cousin did, so can you. This is a great alternative to smoking reduction therapy which removes the risks you would have encountered otherwise. But remember, there should always still be self control. The e cigarette won't do everything for you