Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just a Quick Report on the E-Cig - which will probably ger expanded later

I have a lot to do and need to lay down for a few minutes, because of a headache. But I wanted to let those of you who are interested in the E-Cig, that I have not gotten through three actual cigarettes yet today. When I get a chance later, I am going to write a more detailed post about the ins and outs of the one that I have and put together a early product review. I will also be putting a button on my sidebar, to send you to the site where you can purchase one and actually help me out in the process, by providing me with a small percentage of the sale-price. This isn't likely to make me a fortune, mostly I am hoping to defray the costs to myself. I am also going to try to convince them to send me a couple of their other models, just to try them out and offer reviews of other models - though I can provide some information based on the experiences of others.

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