Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Joys of Falling for a Geek

While the logistics of developing a more than casual affection for someone who lives a million miles away are rather complicated and stressful, falling for a geek rocks. It is really wonderful to adore and be adored by someone who actually gets excited about the notion of reading the papers you write and who just doesn't buy into the notion that they aren't very good.

It is just really great to call up a women you are coming to care for, more and more every time you communicate with her and have her get really excited that you just emailed her your latest paper. Although she probably doesn't realize this means she owes me some emailed paper goodness of her own...But as I say she adores me too, so I just know that she'll send me some.

I may have failed to mention it previously, but this is one hella damned brilliant women and reading what she has to say is positively electrifying. And while her blogposts and emails are rather exciting, I am positively giddy with anticipation for even more formal examples of her stunning feats of mental prowess.

All this excitement and she's fucking gorgeous on top of it all - and not only willing to, but interested in putting up with me!!!


Juniper Shoemaker said...

You are very kind. Because I'm guessing that she's also a seriously flawed individual who looks unappetizing in the morning and who often wonders how much of her neurosis you'll put up with before you really do wish she lived on Mars.

Not that I would know or anything. That's just a wild guess.

Toaster Sunshine said...

Congrats on the newfound happiness!

DuWayne Brayton said...

Juniper -

Everyone's seriously flawed and I don't care about supposed morning unattractiveness. The whole waking up with her would be the important thing - though I am rather partial to the morning cuteness...

And as long as she refrains from trying to stab me, throw plates or other heavy objects at me and is willing to put up with my own neurosis, we'll get along famously. That, and a willingness to do dorky things like getting tea or coffee is semi-formal wear would also be a plus - even if we're both incapable of dancing.

Thanks Toaster...

Stephanie Zvan said...

Juniper, dear, I hope you may someday fully understand how much of morning cuteness involves being there instead of somewhere else and allowing the person doing the looking to adore you, neurosis and flaws and all.

DuWayne, you're making me all misty-eyed for my own days of dawning geeky romance. I can't read your blog these days without grinning. May both of you taste in full all the happiness you deserve, plus a little more for good measure.