Monday, July 5, 2010

Journal Search...Terrorism and Political Violence

I am looking for someone, anyone, who has access to the journal Terrorism and Political Violence. If you have access to this journal, please shoot me an email. I am working on a paper about animal rights and eco terrorists. I can access the hard copy of one of the articles, but would really like to get an e-copy for citations and find two other articles that aren't available in hard copy.

When I am done with the paper and it has been graded, I will post the full text here and the formatted paper with biblio in google docs. I should also note that in about a week, I will start posting some of my creative writing from this semester as well.

I imagine that as I am working on my world security term paper, I will also probably be posting about the ALF, the ELF and postmodern religioideology. The premise I am working from, is that postmodern philosophies, taken to an extreme, are virtually indistinguishable from religious extremism. I will provide evidence that indicates that the motivations of postmodern terrorists are no different from religious terrorists.

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