Monday, July 26, 2010

I am moving this blog - and recruiting bloggers

I will continue to post here for the time being, but posts here will be crossposted to my new address, on my own domain - here.  I am both interested in using WordPress, because it seems a bit more versatile and more importantly, because I am going to be using it as the mainpage for the addiction site and forum I am setting up.  It turns out that WP also offers a forum platform that integrates and the WP platform is just about perfect for an easy to manage main page.

I want to move to my own domain, on the other hand, because - well first off, because I have the fucking thing and might as well use it.  I am also moving over there, because I would like to see if I can convince some other sporadic bloggers - or people who don't blog at all, to wander over there as well.  WP makes it very easy to set up an aggregator main blog that will post everything - or select posts, from all the blogs you want it to.  I would like to create a aggregator for other people who primarily write about cultural issues, psychology, sociology, anthropology - who just don't post all that often.  That listing would include social issue as well - religion, sexuality (non-porn) - there is a lot of room to work here.

I will warn that I am not going to be spending much time fucking around with this.  I intend to set it up - possibly with help, though WP makes things pretty damned easy - add blogs when they come up and let it be.  I may throw adsense or somesuch nonsense, I am not really sure.  I won't require or disallow ads on the blogs who choose to join - I really don't care.  I also don't expect anyone to restrict their blogging to a given topic.  I may not even stick very firmly to the theme at all - we'll just have to see.  I don't care whether or not bloggers who might join agree with me on much of anything - there will always be disagreement somewhere.

About the only thing I might do, if it is an issue that discourages people, is to try to keep profanity off the aggregator blog.  Comments will not be posted on the aggregator - if posts are set below a fold, clicking on it will take the reader to that blog - so will clicking on comments.  There will probably be a feed of comments from all the blogs, there will definitely be an all inclusive archival listing.  The idea is not to keep readers stuck on the aggregator, it is to direct the traffic to individual blogs from there.

I would note that I am very keen on encouraging people who are prolific commenters, people who really should have their own blogs, to join.  Seriously.  It is really easy to set up a WP blog - all you need to do is email me with a name - or the desire for a name.  I will cut you in a URL on my domain with a basic WP body and give you the generic username and password, that you can change at your leisure.  It takes mere minutes and you can be up and running.

Moving a blog over there is also really easy.  I can do the same as above, adding a plugin to transfer your blog.  All you do then, is input your URL, username and password.  Depending on the amount to be transferred, you should be all moved over in five, to fifteen minutes.

On the very off chance that there is some sort of overwhelming response to this, I need to be clear that I have limited time and will probably end up taking some time to get to it all - or I may seek someone to give me a hand getting it all together.


Larian LeQuella said...

Uh, okay, saw your facebook post. I have a blog, and I post sporadically. My goal is to be obnoxious and insulting to theitards, while providing a laugh. Where do I sign up for a legion of followers? ;)

DuWayne Brayton said...

Email me.