Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What the hell can you say about this?

Found this on my brother's blog. I would suggest only watching the first few minutes, as it gets rather disturbing.

Watch Saving Africa's Witch Children in Activism & Non-Profit  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

You can help by donating money to the Child's Right and Rehabilitation Network, which runs homes for the child victims in Nigeria.


Dan J said...

Pathetic. Of course, that's where religious ideals lead us, isn't it. Be afraid of anything and anyone different. Oh, and if you're afraid, thene why don't we go and destroy whatever/whoever it might be. Then you won't have to be afraid any more, and we'll be the winners again.

Fucking bastards piss me off more and more every day. The worst part is that these aren't isolated incidents. This is systematic, and the people plugging the system want to bring it here too.

Look at wastes of protoplasm and oxygen like Bob Larson. He'd just love to be able to stone to death people he accused of witchcraft.

Can we get the fuck rid of religion now? Please?

Jason Thibeault said...

Oh fuck, I made it 45 seconds. "This one, and this one, they killed their grandmother." How could you honestly accuse your child of being possessed by a demon!?

Captcha = "unoly" . Missing an H in there.

Anonymous said...

This so called healer and spiritual man in the video is not at all that much different than the self aggrandizing television evangelist who pretend to cast out demons and sell magical prayer cloths and blessed oil to the credulous senior citizens and desperate citizens right here in America.

The greatest distinction in comparison to American religious zealots is that this man in the video believes that killing people in the name of his Christian God is acceptable,very similar to the sentiments of the puritans during the Salem witch trials of the late 17th century.

I believe he has purposely set up his atrocities in the name of religious benevolence completely aware that what he is doing is heinous, and he is doing this for financial and personal gain as well as social status and power. He can serve as both Shiva and Brahma while setting himself up as Gods ambassador of death. There is no contrast between him and a serial killer, they both find ways to justify their actions. He is just another Jim Jones dispensing Gods cyanide love.