Thursday, July 29, 2010

The insanity that is DuWayne...Or "Superpapa"

I would just remind people reading this on blogger, that I am not going to be cross-posting here much longer.  My new address is over here and if you leave a comment, that is where they will be responded to.

I have now managed to get the flip down monitor installed and discovered that for the MP4s to play, I need to have them on a CD or DVD - for some reason they don't want to play off of USB.  Of course the reason I discovered that, was because the first couple of discs I had burnt wouldn't play.  So the discs wouldn't play, then I couldn't get them to play off the USB - I was starting to think that I would have to bring regular DVDs, of which there are few and sucky.  Then, in a fit of determination, I decided to try putting some on CD, to see if that might work.

Moments later, I felt like a complete and utter fucking moron.  When I had burned the first few discs, I had burned them in a "USB" format, rather than the format that makes it more likely it will play on other shit.  So now I am in business.  We have some Scooby Doo, some Diego, some Dinosaur train, some Wallace and Grommit and some Ben Ten Alien Force.  We also have almost the entire Walking With series - including Sea Monsters, and Cave Men.  We don't have the bit with the jackass who "goes back in time" though, because eldest thinks he's a lying idiot who thinks kids must be stupid.  We also have Sarah Jane Adventures and Roman Mysteries and some random documentaries.

So tomorrow I will drive ten hours down to Knoxville and then Saturday, I will drive back up here with the eight year old and the two year old.  And I will be making this run all by myself - with a little help from the kick-ass DVD, CD, mp3, mwa, mp4 player that I installed several weeks ago and the flip down monitor that I, unfortunately, put off until yesterday...Because I'm insane.  And because I was/am very busy with school and being depressed (though the latter does seem to be getting better).

Did I mention that I am going to be spending ten+ hours in a vehicle with an eight year old and a two year old?  Without another adult?  Fuck.

This is kind of my practice run for when we come to visit grandpa and grandma, after I move down there.  And then for the Big Drive, when we actually head back out to Portland.  But this is also going to be very, very interesting - as in a "living in interesting times" sort of interesting.  On the upside, I have slipped in some baby brother stuff, which should lure eight year old up front with me, where we can talk.  I don't think I am going to try to push the important discussion on him, though I might.  But it will be nice to have some time to talk, while Youngest watches Dino Train.  While in theory, Eldest doesn't like Diego, in practice he doesn't grumble while it is actually on. 

The other problem, is that I am sure that Eldest is going to insist on watching some Sarah Jane Adventures - he was pretty adamant that I burn some to disc for the trip.  This is really going to suck, as it will totally put me out of sync with what's going on, as I haven't been watching ahead of where Eldest is at.  Worse, I will be able to hear it and not see it.  While the latter is a very good thing, as I will be driving, the former is going to suck donkey balls.  Maybe I'll just tell him the discs didn't work for that one...

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