Saturday, July 10, 2010

WTF Kids Toys!?!?

Why the hell is it that the only "boy" oriented easy bake bullshit is this crap? Why is it that this is referred to as "girl" gourmet? Keeping in mind that the baking pro on the box is a man, because of course there aren't any women who are professional bakers to endorse a "girl" toy. There are also these products, but they seem to be the limit of non-sexed baking toys.

Like boys have no desire to make nice, normal baked goods. Like women aren't professional fucking bakers.

Meanwhile, why the hell is my cantankerous two year old yelling at me, apparently wanting fish?


ScientistMother said...

its the same reason girls don't have soccer balls and boys have toy vacuums. welcome to the wondeful world of gender indocterination

DuWayne Brayton said...

Oh believe me, I have been annoyed with the world of gender indoctrination ever since we got eldest (also our burgeoning baker) his first toy cleaning set. I am not sure which was more annoying, the fact that the package was obviously geared to girls, or that a family friend was questioning our decision to get him "girlie" toys.

manuel "moe" g said...

Let the kids use the real stove and oven. The kids are alright. After they are done being infants, no reason to infantilize them. Cheers!

Becca said...

I second the 'use the real oven' approach.

For what it's worth, I remember the "Kids Cooking" book with measuring spoons very fondly ( They are good measuring spoons.

DuWayne Brayton said...

At eight, eldest is getting close to - but still isn't quite there on being able to use the real oven alone. Believe me, he has used the hell out of the oven, stove and every other kitchen appliance with help. Both his mother and I are very keen on making sure that he and his baby brother are able to cook and bake for themselves.

The thing is, he likes to use his easy-bake oven because he can do every step of it by himself. And having rather small hands, he likes to use decorating tools that are made for use by kids. He is also willing, because they are what is available, to use things that are marketed for girls - in spite of his claims that he hates pink.

But he also wishes they made such toys and tools for kids, rather than just girls. I do too - whatever gendered toys we're talking about.

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