Monday, April 26, 2010

LuShae, Excellent Jewelry at an Excellent Price...

Like a bad blogger and busy student, I was asked to review something and then forgot to write the review. A couple of months ago I was asked if I would be willing to write a review, whatever I actually thought about the product. So I went to LuShae Jewelry and picked out something that turned out to be absolutely fabulous.

If you are familiar with my lovely partner Juniper, you might understand why I picked that lovely pendent. The piece was well constructed and beautiful. I thought it was lovely and my darling Juniper was very well pleased with it as well. I am extremely grateful to LuShae for the opportunity to give my love something beautiful that reasonably priced as it is, is just a shade beyond the surviving on student loans.

They have a lot of great stuff over there, with rings and earrings as well as their selection of pendants. I rather wish I had a little extra cash, because I rather think that these would have gone quite nicely with the necklace. Though I could be quite mistaken as I have run across homeless people with better fashion sense than I have. Still, I know what is pretty and I definitely know when something is well made. However, if you happen to see some earrings that would work better with that pendant, let me know.

The necklace I got from LuShae was both.

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