Friday, April 9, 2010

Allergies, Colds and Michigan (Updated)

I love Michigan, even if I rather love the Pacific Northwest more. I even love the weather sometimes. Just last week I was actually able to leave my windows open at night and it got up to eighty a couple of times. Then yesterday and last night it snowed.

So we had snow on Thursday/Thursday night, then it hit seventy six degrees yesterday - Saturday. Gotta love Michigan - unless of course you have allergies. Especially when they kick the crap out of you and you get a cold at the same time.

Something I do not love about MI, or really much worse, PacNW, is allergy related. I have always had allergies, but they have always been quite mild - until I moved to Portland. There I discovered what allergies are really about. Worse, there are two damned allergy seasons, because it is mold related - so both spring and autumn bring the allergies to bear.

We are having mold issues here is MI this year. Early. And my allergies are kicking my ass. But it couldn't possibly be that simple - that would be plain wrong. No, I need to also have a cold right now. Right at the end of the semester when I am trying to cram too much work into too little time. I just bloody well slept from about eleven last night, until about seven - then I couldn't keep my eyes open and fell asleep in my chair for an hour. About eight thirty, after I had a cup of coffee, I still was having issues keeping my eyes open, so I set my alarm for nine thirty - don't recall waking up to turn it off - but I slept until nearly fucking noon.

On the upside, I think I am over the hump. My nose isn't quite solidly blocked off now. But I still feel like shit and really look forward to just dealing with the allergies - something that I can manage much easier. The kicker is that it isn't even much of a cold. It is totally wimpy stuff, but it might as well be the plague when combined with these allergies.

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