Thursday, October 1, 2009

Note To Self: Never Spend Money In Florida Or Buy Florida Products

Florida sucks - Florida sucks bigtime. If their neck and neck race with TX to execute the most persons found guilty of capital crimes weren't enough, their lack of any protections whatever, for queers who have the misfortune of being trapped in their healthcare system is. Or for that matter their attitude about gays and adoption...Hmm - pretty much anything they have to do with gay rights, I should say - because there are few states that treat GLBTs worse than fucking Florida.

But seriously, if you happen to be gay and there is even a slim chance you might fall deathly ill, do not vacation in or wander through Florida.

Thanks Greg...

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Dan J said...

You know, I'm sure there are some nice places in Florida, and some nice people, but there is no way I'll be vacationing in a place with a track record like they have.

I'd much rather stop in Kentucky than trek all the way down to the cesspit of idiocy that Florida has become.

ALl of you down there who are good people: Get the fuck out. Now. Srsly.