Friday, October 9, 2009

Creepy Post-Workout Experiences No One Wants To Have

As often as possible, I avoid having to shower at school, after my workout. Not because I am shy, I'm not - but because the locker room is in the basement by the pool and the lockers are reserved only. So anything valuable has to be left in a gym locker upstairs and it is all just rather inconvenient. I am on the verge of actually paying for locker space though, as I am sure I would be a little more motivated to work out, if I could do so before classes, rather than after - and could leave my workout clothes or swim trunks there while I am in class.

Today was one of those inconvenient days. I had errands to run after my workout and I am not terribly comfortable doing much of anything until I have my shower. So I wandered my sweaty and very sore ass down to the showers after my workout (I was going to swim, but really didn't get my legs in much yesterday). I was only in the shower for moments, when an older gentleman wandered in. We were, I should note, the only people in the shower at that particular moment.

This is a guy who smiles at me a lot when we are both working out, something I assumed was because he's friendly. Honestly, that could still be what it is. So he walks into the shower, turns one on and then for some reason wanders to the other end and takes a look around the corner - then wanders back over to his shower. I am, at this point washing off, having spent a few minutes just standing under the hot water, as my fat ass gets rather sore after working on weights. I haven't though much of the guy, until I glance over and notice he is looking at me. Then I notice he is washing his pecker - washing it very thoroughly. Still not thinking that much of it - he may have just been glancing and had started washing his hair, I turn to wash my own junk.

When I glanced over again, he was again washing his pecker rather furiously - and he was looking at me when I glanced over. When he noticed me glancing over again, he quickly turned away and started making like he was washing other bits, but it was impossible not to notice that his junk was totally standing at attention, as it were. At this point, I quickly finished showering and got out of the shower - he was still in there when I left...

I am not absolutely certain he was masturbating - though I have a pretty strong certainty that he was. And if he was, I am not absolutely certain he was looking at me as jack material - he may well have been watching out so as not to get caught. But again, the way things were playing out, I am fairly certain I was being ogled in the process.

To be sure, I am not at all grossed out by the notion that a guy would whack off to me. Hell, I experimented with boys, though it has been a while. But this was just fucking creepy and gross - would have been just as creepy and gross, had it been a women - though we don't have unisex locker-rooms, so that is unlikely to be a problem - that and I am a tad heavier than I was when I was a pretty boy - and I am no longer quite the pretty boy I once was.

All and all, that was a pretty fucked up shower experience. And it definitely motivates me to get a locker and work out in the early morning hours. Because working out later in the day, I am likely to end up in the shower with this dude again and would really rather not have that five percent possibility that he wasn't whacking off put to the test. And I will note that it is only that slim possibility that he wasn't, that prevented me from talking to someone about it...


Isis the Scientist said...

HA HA HA. I've been laughing about this for at least 20 minutes.

Samia said...

I'm sorry that happened to you. :( *hugs*

Greg said...

This is what you get for being so hot.

And sweaty. Hot and sweaty.

Becca said...

that's sexual harassment and you don't have to take it!

Seriously, you might want to mention to someone who's in charge of the facility. If he's actually doing what you suspected, he'll probably keep doing it- to you or someone else. If it's a habit, he should be given a choice- to cut it out voluntarily or be banned from the locker rooms.

Or you could always try ridiculous posing, to let him know you know and maybe shame him out of it.