Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My first Research Paper

I was a bit nervous about it, because I found out that we do have some restrictions on the paper. Mainly that the first one has to be a MLA format paper. Given that my topics tend towards being rather science oriented, I wasn't sure I could get them to fly. But my instructor told me today that writing about addiction was going to be fine. I made it clear that there would be a fair amount of science involved, but as I can focus it on our social and political addiction paradigm, she let it slide. I think it helped that I have an interesting take on it.

So now I am going to work on my topic proposal and start throwing myself into more formal research. So the posting may get a little more sporadic and will probably tend towards a definite theme, as my reading material gets more focused.

The major upshot of it is, this is going to be a theme throughout my education. While I am sure that as an undergrad, I will be required to right a lot of class specific papers, this will be the early and short version of writing that will be revisited several times over the next several years. It will be especially relevant when I get my undergrad and move upward from here. I think it will be interesting to compare this paper to the versions that will come out towards the final stretch of my education. I suspect that in the middle, it will get far heavier on the science. I also suspect that (unless I drastically change gears somewhere) that my final dissertation will come full circle to a much longer version of the paper I am about to write, tempered by the next several years of intensive, formal education.


Comrade PhysioProf said...

Dude, that sounds fucking awesome! The only way to get better at writing is to write a fuckload, and have your writing edited by good editors.

Drugmonkey said...

I don't know for sure where you will end up but from here it is clear that you are a writer. From what little I know, many great works are incremental. Building over many years from snippets and thoughts and prior attempts into the eventual master work. Probably in the course of education you can take many different approaches to the same themes. some can by science-y, some poetic, some political screed as well. just keep on writing..

(and get that brother of your to help you figure out how to get paid for writing already!!!!!)

DuWayne Brayton said...

One of the most exciting things about life, is that we really can't say for sure where we'll end up. I know that I have a strong drive to explore the nature of addiction, but I also have a love for writing. What's great, is that I can use both to accomplish my goals.

(and get that brother of your to help you figure out how to get paid for writing already!!!!!)

Ironically, given the post above this one and it's criticism of print journalism v blogging, I have been considering a project that could earn me some pennies. And also advance my view of the framing wars that have gone on over in your neck of the woods.

Completely outside the realms of my studies, I have given a lot of consideration to the vaccine issue. Even moreso given recent developments in MN. My idea is to write what basically amounts to the same article, for three or four different print venues - each specifically targeting said venue's demographic.

I've also applied for a freelance position with our local paper. It wouldn't take much at all to improve the overall quality of the writing there.