Friday, August 3, 2007

My Egyptian Readers

So I check my site meter every day, curious about how many people are stopping and how often. Unfortunately, I don't get a whole lot of readers, but I am getting some steady readers and seem to be growing. One segment of my readers that I have found interesting, is some folks from Egypt. At least, I am assuming there are more than one, as they seem to be from different providers and ISPs. Of course it could be that it's the same person, using wireless cafe's. I am steadily getting one to three hits per day, coming out of Egypt.

Having, as I do, a fascination with geography, coupled with an insatiable curiosity about the lives of people from other countries and other cultures, I am rather excited by this. I would really appreciate hearing from my Egyptian reader/s, either in comments or email. Specifically, I would love to know, what here is of interest to you. Actually I would like to know that of everyone who stops. I would also enjoy corresponding with people in Egypt. Ever since reading a variety of great novels that were about adventures that took place, or more often started, in Egypt, I have been particularly fascinated with the top of Africa.

So while I would love to hear from everyone who stops by, I would be particularly pleased to hear from Egypt.


Ihab Hussein said...

That would be me, I guess. I first came to your blog via a link from Neurophilosophy (or was it Pharyngula?, I don't recall) a few days back. The post I saw then was the one about torture and morality which I found interesting so I bookmarked your RSS feed and have been checking daily since then.

DuWayne Brayton said...

Well, I'm glad you came by. I will get the follow up post on torture up asap, but I am trying to get a lot of information into it, so it will probably be a little while. It was probably the link from Neurophilosophy. I read Pharyngula fairly often, but I doubt that I'll ever get noticed there, much less linked.

At the moment, as well as doing a lot of reading that's slowing me down, I have been working a lot on the neurological disorder denialism.