Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Driving, Snow and Bloody Teeth

So Friday we drove down to TN to pick up the boys. Planning well, we left early enough and were making good enough time to get there early and start back - thus splitting the trip up into two parts. Unfortunately, that is not how it worked out - though it is good we got going early and made good time. When we were close to the highest elevation of I-75, it started snowing - big fat snow that plopped onto the windshield, rather than drifting gently down. Given this is southern KY/northern TN, folks aren't right familiar with driving in this and that, coupled with a semi broken down meant it took us nearly three hours to get about twenty five miles. We made it and picked up the boys, but spent the night where I usually stay when I go down to visit the boys.

And then there was snow - lots of snow, almost the entire drive home there was snow, though it wasn't snowing much anymore. The roads were pretty well clear until we got into MI and even then it wasn't too bad. All in all a wondrous thing, because the boys love the snow.

Then we went sledding yesterday - thankfully, leaving youngest with the grandparents. Eldest and I had a lot of fun and look forward to the next trip, with one major snag - the tooth incident. Did you know that if it is dealt with quickly enough, permanent teeth can be put back in? I didn't, until the tooth incident.

We went a little ways downhill, when we noticed that the rope was caught under the sled. We stopped and went to take the sled uphill. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that eldest had put the rope in his mouth and was biting on the rope, when I gave the sled a kick and one of his relatively new front teeth came out of his mouth with the rope. One emergency oral surgery later and the tooth is back in - with a pretty good prognosis for no problems with it in the future, given it is still developing.

Hell of a way to learn the lesson about why papa always says not to use our teeth inappropriately. Not to mention a rather expensive one. But all in all, I think eldest is pretty certainly not going to be trying to open bottles and the like with his teeth any more...And papa will be a little more careful about kicking things that are relatively close to the face...


Cath@VWXYNot? said...


Good to hear there'll be no lasting damage. I didn't know that either!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dwayne just remember what Hunter Thompson said,"When the going gets weird,the weird turn pro". It's me, your old friend and emotionally impaired helper William, from Portland. You disappeared like Harry Houdini and I never understood what happened with you and your family. I did run across your blog several weeks ago but was a little hesitant to intrude. Sorry to hear about your sons accident. Stay in touch.

Merry Christmas,


P.S. - All I got for Christmas was a bottle of vodka.

ScientistMother said...

nothing says sledding fun like a few missing teeth! Glad to know he'll be OK