Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ok, so that was a bad way to try and get what I wanted.

But it's ok, because I have a plan. A few of them actually.

The first is to make a few sets to be defined. One of them being: "substance abuse," "addiction," "compulsion," "rage," "depression." The next being: "love," "addiction," "affection," "passion," "lust." The final being: "duty," "being," "doing," "wanting," "addiction." So a computer savvy friend is hopefully going to help me get these into a couple of those "make your own survey" sites, in a way that they will be fairly equally distributed when people click to do the survey, which will ask for a quick definition of each word. In theory it should be possible to get it up there and just get me the responses to the word addiction, while letting me know which list the definition came from.

Wish me luck, I haven't actually gotten a commitment, just a "kind of, sort of, I can probably do that." I'd like it to happen, because it will probably give me the most valuable responses.

The second is to start random conversations with random strangers at the coffee shops and bring up addiction in various contexts. Occasionally while wearing a skirt, because I've noticed that wearing one makes people want to talk to me. I'm kind of introverted, so it will be a boon.

The last is tallying the discussion that got going at my brother's blog. Which I really recommend checking out and participating in. It did not work out as I hoped it would, but I really like the results anyways.

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