Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Lovely Neighborhood

I just love my neighborhood. January, before I moved here. A couple of weeks ago, less than half a block away. Monday night, a little less than a block from home. To say that I am tired of living in this bloody pit, is putting it mildly. The police in both East Portland and Gresham (two blocks away), say they are going to increase their presence in the area, but I don't see how much they really can. You can't go a block without seeing a cop. Gresham and Portland cops crossover regularly, in a ten block buffer zone. Lately, Gresham cops have even been responding to complaints in my neighborhood (including my building), if they happen to be closest. Apparently, they are going to put cops on bike and foot patrols around the neighborhood.

I echo the sentiments of some of my neighbors though, if they can actually do more, why the hell have they waited this long? I have spent a lot of time talking to the cops in my neighborhood. We have community policing and I know many of the cops that patrol here, including the watch commanders, all shifts. In the short term, I imagine this means that we'll have an influx from the surrounding precincts. In the long term, who the hell knows? I know that I am bloody well tired of this crap hole and I am ready to move. This, by the way, is one reason I am bloody well good and pissed about this. We can throw away money and manpower, enforcing a ridiculous, pointless and ineffective ordinance like that, while we have to scramble to fight serious crime.


JuliaL said...

That's sad and scary. You certainly need to get your family out of there whenever you're able to do so.

Beth said...

When you put it in that perspective, I would agree that the police manpower is being wasted on the ordinance you mentioned. And I would also agree you need to get out of there!

DuWayne Brayton said...

Believe me, I am moving soon. I am tired of this neighborhood. I am tired of the noise and I am tired of the violence. I walked past the scene of Monday's shooting less than an hour before it happened, coming home from the light rail platform. The five year old and momma walked past it two hours before it happened. I didn't actually know what happened until I decided to see what the news crews were doing out yesterday.

I understand why they are going to increase their presence and appreciate it. However, I have absolutely no interest in having to randomly show ID and justify my reasons for walking down the damn street. I also have no interest in dealing with the cops every time I get on the MAX (light rail).

Beth - They have other really stupid new ordinances to enforce now too. I am really tired of the morons running this city. So are a lot of people here. Things are going to change in a big way, come the next election.

They are now, among other things, trying to get the homeless to stop panhandling, by sitting on the sidewalks asking for change. Mind you, the far more irritating, less innocuous method of approaching people and begging is not covered by the new ordinance. Just those that don't really bother and never threaten anyone are affected.

Keep in mind that the sidewalks are really wide. If they are blocking the flow, they are made to move. The folks who sit on the sidewalk usually just hold signs. The real problems come from those who walk around and hound people. Don't get me wrong, I am not really all that sympathetic of many who panhandle. Most of them are young and relatively fit. But they aren't really bothering anyone, at least those who sit while doing it. The ones who actually bother folks, can't be stopped by this ordinance. More cops will be wasting time on this crap, instead of actually fighting crime.

Icepick said...

Duwayne, I hope your personal circumstances improve soon. Also, I'm pleased that SOMEONE understands my points about hating intrusive government ordances. It's not just about hating the so-called nanny state, it's about wanting the government to do its damned job already.

BTW, I am not ignoring your post about inalienable rights, I just haven't been able to formulate a coherent response.