Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WTF!?! Parents...

I stopped in to the coffee shop for a cup before my psych test this afternoon, figuring I would have one of my cigarettes for the day while I do some homework. My regular coffee shop is the only coffee shop in town that still allows smoking - though that is soon to end as MI has joined the 21st century in banning smoking in public establishments.

Now as a rule, I don't mind kids in coffee shops - as long as they are reasonably well behaved. My eldest is actually very fond of going to coffee shops with papa, because it is an adult thing to do. But I have more than mild objections to children in a coffee shop that allows smoking. It pisses me off - a lot. Kids simply do not belong in places that are full of this sort of lung pollution.

So I am more than a little irritated to find two children sitting at a table next to their mother's table - where there has consistently been at least one person smoking. This in addition to the other patrons surrounding these boys with more smoke. To make this that much more obnoxious, there is a whole upstairs that is smoke free.

Good times...

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