Monday, August 10, 2009

Bloody Hells, Am I Glad That's Over...

The fucking semester from hell, which officially ended last Thursday, is now finally over. I took my psych final this morning (it only posted this morning) and sold the book they would buy...

Unfortunately, I take the boys back to TN tomorrow. There is other sad news too, but I am loathe to talk about it quite yet - though it will all be fine in the end.

On the upside, I am going to have a little time to write more and get some more of my anthro papers posted, as well as a couple other papers that will actually get expanded a bit.

The first is a summary and opinion on a Community Mental Health board meeting I attended - something I will be doing for the foreseeable future. I will be highlighting in detail, just how fucked this great state of Michigan really is. County CMH's will be seeing anywhere from dramatic, to catastrophic funding cuts, at a time when we are going to be releasing a rather large number of felons who would continue to be in state correctional facilities, were it not for the fact that those facilities are being closed. So they will be ending up the responsibility of the counties and many of them will end up getting priority over people in the community who have lost jobs and who have no way to cover mental health care costs. Stay tuned - because I am more than a little fucking pissed about how this is all working out.

The second is a discussion of the film Out of the Shadows. This was possibly the greatest movie that I will NEVER watch again (not the greatest mind, just the greatest I really can't handle seeing again). It is a very hard film to watch, especially when you can sit there and relate to a great deal of what Millie is going through and what her daughters have and are going through. When you realize the difference is degrees and expressions...

I am becoming one morose motherfucker, but I am also pretty fucking angry, as there have been several well reasoned discussions about atheism and some less than reasoned responses from "moderate" theists and some very unmoderate, lying sacks of shit for Jesus...Stephanie has the roundup and I will be getting on that motherfucker on my way back from TN. That would be a ten hour drive - I can express a lot of irritation in ten motherfucking hours...Though I will probably be filling some of that with light entertainment.

And I will probably fill some of that with a write up about how Greg is yet again, wrong.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I hope you have a good trip back to TN!! I read Stephanies stuff and I would agree with you that she is ot there.


Abby Normal said...

I am becoming one morose motherfucker

Snoochie boochies!

[embarrassedly clears throat]

Anyway, I suppose morose is alright. A bit lackluster perhaps. Personally I tend to aim for maudlin. It's got that little extra personal touch. Or if I'm in a more romantic mood, melancholy has a nice quality, like 18th century poet.

Dan J said...

Looking forward to hearing more from you again, DuWayne. I hope the trip is uneventful.

Haven't had a smoke since the night of 2 August. Cravings are simply fading away. I really do feel better.

CyberLizard said...

Very glad you survived school. I don't think I could do it.

Personally, I've gone past morose and have been dancing with depression. That's what I get for reading "The Family".