Saturday, June 13, 2009

Too Many Things!!! Too Many Things!!!

I am feeling mostly better now - still sore, but much of the pain has moved to my head - something I am at least used to. I am unfortunately, also rather cranky - both because of the headache and because this whole episode has put me behind where I wanted to be right now. But so it goes...

Unfortunately this means that I have a lot to get done and my blogging will suffer a bit. I have a few things to get posted asap, but they will be stuck in the spaces in between. I am starting my other two summer classes on Monday and Tuesday - putting my class load from Health & Wellness and Psych, to those two, plus Cultural Anthropology and Physical Geography (a science class and one that I am taking because I was wondering what the hell it is). I have a feeling that between them all, I am going to be rather insane, err, I mean insanely busy...Umm, yeah.

On top of that, I am going to see the boys next weekend - eldest really wanted me there for father's day. I am terribly excited to be going to be with them, but it also means more time crunching for me.

So today, I am going to the graduation party of one of my nieces - my brother Kevin's youngest...I really am getting fucking old - I seem to recall her being eight or nine not all that long ago...Hell, it wasn't terribly long ago that her older sister (a mother now) was pushing her rather off balance, toddling self down for being a git.

On the up side, I'm not as old as Ed...Old as I may be getting (at least my body feels that way), all my fucking siblings are older...

So I will just have to get to the G-spot video, the male stimulation video, the accommodationism responses and other incredibly fun things - including beginning the posts about human sexuality, as I can fit them in...And I will remember to get started on my first post about the psychology of magical thinking rather sooner than later.


Dan J said...

"I have a feeling that between them all, I am going to be rather insane, err, I mean insanely busy...Umm, yeah."

Too late! And I mean that in the sincere sense that I think us crazy folks are much more interesting than the mundanity around us.

Getting old? My oldest daughter graduated from high school three weeks ago. It's an odd, but proud, feeling.

I managed another "accommodation" post too, entitled "Two, Four, Six, Eight, Why Won’t We Accommodate?". Seems Mr. Mooney isn't familiar with some of Barbara Forrest's work on the connection between methodological naturalism and philosophical naturalism

Jason Thibeault said...

You should know how to set your priorities by now. I trust that you'll set your real life as top priority. I mean, you already know I'm looking forward to your blogging, but none of us are hurting from your dealing with what needs dealing with. No guilt, man.