Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Comment Rules

I hate to do it, but here we are. When I have time online, I will try to sidebar this.

First, pick a name. I don't care if it's a pseudonym. If you post as anonymous, your comment will be deleted out of hand.

Second, I will not tolerate certain denialism type comments. They will stay or go at my sole discretion, but if you say things along the lines of HIV/AIDS do not exist, or HIV doesn't cause AIDS, do not be surprised if your comment disappears. You are welcome to comment in other places, such as Aetiology. You are not so welcome here. People like you, have killed someone I would really have liked in my life for many more years. I have no tolerance for it.

Finally, please try to be polite to each other. By all means, express yourself, but try to keep the profanity to a minimum (I use it too on occasion, just keep it reasonable). And please, attack the statements or ideas, not the person.

Thank you very much. As always, comments stay up at my sole discretion. It is rare, but occasionally blogger eats comments. Sometimes, if a comment is off topic, I might delete it. If I do and you leave an email address, I will save it and let you know why I deleted it. I am happy to start different threads, if things want to wander. I am also happy to let people write a new post to start a thread off. If you don't leave an address and your comment disappears, please email to let me know. If I deleted it, I will either start a new thread or let you start one.

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