Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Baby is coming SOON!?!?

We have a register at Target, if anyone's interested (cause I'm so on top of the postings here). . .Due December first, as of the last appointment. The last known date, was December fifth. I am opting for no more appointments with the doctor, or we'll be knee deep in poo, even sooner. Momma doesn't agree. (The original date was given as the end of December.)

Diapers, lots and lots of diapers. Yes, I know they are eternal, if we could afford the biodegradable or a service, we'd be all over it. Alas we cannot, really not sure about the cheap ones. However, momma did find an article in a baby mag, about toilet training at as young as six months. Miracles do happen. I should add that if anyone wishes to contribute to our registry, momma said that registry gift cards are the way to go, as we can pick it up from the store, rather than throwing shipping costs into the equation. Not sure when the actual shower will be, but for our long distance friends, any day can be baby shower day.

Not on the list; Valium, Librium, maybe Thorazine, I'm not too picky. . .(not for baby, for me, I wouldn't do that to an infant. The five year old . . .nyah)


Beth said...

Boy oh boy December will be here before you know it! And David is a great name you have chosen. Just take it one day at a time, and you'll do fine.

kehrsam said...

Congratulations. And have I already warned you that having a child is a disastrous choice from an economic perspective?

DuWayne Brayton said...

Kurt -

Too little too late, not that it would have changed anything. This was not intentional. Especially strange as it happened quite shortly after momma and I ended our year and a half separation. One or two times having the sex and she gets knocked up. Go figure.

JuliaL said...

Not go to the doctor? Of course she has to go to the doctor; it's even more important now that the baby is due soon. Are you saying that finances will keep her from doctor appointments? (Just don't answer if it's none of my business, which of course it isn't.)

DuWayne Brayton said...

JuliaL -

That was sarcasm. Originally, they said it was due the end of December or beginning of January. It has moved several times since, settled for a while, then after the last ultrasound, they decided it was December first. I'm not really ready yet, but believe me, momma is more than ready.

With our first, she gained a total of fifteen pounds, by the end. She is nearly thirty pounds up and growing. She's convinced, she will explode any time now. She actually broke a belt the other day, one of mine which wouldn't fit her before she got pregnant. (Unfortunately, my only dressy belt, real leather too, not a wimpy one.)

JuliaL said...

Sorry to be so dense. I'm not good with sarcasm. Irony, yes, but sarcasm, no.