Thursday, May 9, 2013

Please help this woman out.

Please do something more than just signing the petition. This is incredibly time critical. Take a few extra minutes to call the CEO of Ocwen, the new owner of Jacquline Barber's loan. They are refusing to honor the agreement made by Ally Bank, which was achieved by a previous petition. She is set to be evicted today, so please call immediately. Jacqueline was disabled on the job, a 20 year veteran of the Atlanta PD. She is currently battling cancer and was only recently released from the hospital after procedure on her back. This former police detective was the victim of predatory lending and desperately needs our help.

I know that I post a lot of petitions. The reason I do that is because the issues are important and such petitions are extremely effective - a few seconds of clicking and you are making a real difference. Today I am asking for just a little bit more. Not a lot though. A few minutes of your time, in the hopes that we can make a difference for this woman who lost significant function, while serving and protecting the people of Atlanta. The loss of her home would not only put her, her daughter, and four grandchildren on the streets, it would also accelerate her cancer.

Please, call Ocwen CEO Ronald Faris at 561-682-8560 and tell him to make a deal she can manage, or even to fulfill the agreement made before Ocwen acquired her loan. A few minutes of your day could make the difference between life and death for Jacqueline and homelessness for her daughter and grandchildren.

Sample Script: “Hi, my name is _________ and I'm calling on behalf of Jacquline Barber at 160 Stearman Road in Fayetteville, GA 30214. I understand that Ocwen aquired GMAC in February and will not honor the negotiations that have kept Jacqueline and her family in her home to this point as she undergoes chemotherapy. I demand that you offer Jacqueline and her family a deal they can afford to keep them in their home, and relieve Jacqueline of the stress of eviction while she bravely fights bone cancer.